Piece Of Love.



written by poetic-tragedy in winter 2008 


Let's talk about my number one topic

It's all about the one who let me down

You took my breathe away and I needed

to realize that you are my only one

You are a part of my life and I know

that I can't ever let you go, no no no

I've tried to show you that I am loving you so

But you didn't realize my signs for you

I've deceived my friends all around the time

So, they didn't realized my feelings for you


So, please gimme a piece of your love

Stop to play the cool part and open up your heart

Open up your eyes wide to see

Open up your arms for me

Let me be a part of your heart

So, let me be the one who fill your heart


You don't know what you're doing with me

I can hardly breathe when you're around me

I'm jealous of the raindrops, they're falling down your face

I wanna hear your heartbeat, wanna hear your whispers

So, please stay be tangible and let me be your one

So show me you're lovable and I could be your one

So, I've dreamed of perfect moments, dreamed of valentine's days

So, let me be the one who know your heart inside of you




So, please give me a piece of your love (oh oh OH)

Let me be the one who know your soul inside

Stop to be so whatever, so try to be yourself

I've got understand you and know you love me, too

So come over my place, kiss my kiss and hold my hands

that's what I'm looking for and that's what you're looking for, too



Oh oh Piece of, Piece of

Piece of, Piece of your love, your love, your love

Open up your heart, let me in, open up your arms

And please give me, give me a piece of your love



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