Feeling Not Together.


written by poetic-tragedy in summer 2008.


We're sitting here at the end of the road and we don't know what to do

I'm singing a sad song, that's all I can do

When you're around me, I don't know what to say

I need to take a lot of pills to forget my pain

I'm sorry, but to be around you is the coldest I know


We said we're friends forever

but this way we're not going together

I'm feeling not together around you

I'm looking in your eyes and looking through you

I'm missing you so much, do you miss me, too?

The distance beetween us brings me to cry again

I'm lying on the floor alone, screaming your name

and I'm feeling not, feeling not together around you


I'm missing you and my tears I cry are the sign

I thought we're friends forever, but I need to know

that it's over by now, I can't believe what you do

You've forgotten me and didn't talk to me

You don't know me, by now I start to realize everything

You left without me and I'm lying here and bleeding




I'm feeling not together when I am around you

The distance beetween us is bigger you know

I'm so unwanted for nothing, you'd never listened to me

I tried to be the best friend for you to show you I love you so

I need you badly but I'm giving up on everything now

'Cause the pain inside of me destroys me all again


-Chorus 2x-


Oooh , I'm feeling not, oooh feeling not together...around you

17.1.09 19:38

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