She Had To Go.



written by poetic-tragedy in winter 2008. 


She came to me to told me that she felt in love with me.

She surprised me and I thought that she appears sweet and nice.

I thought about her together with me, but then I understood

I could not forget the person I love and I had to told her that.


She could never ever replace my sweethearts, that's the one I ever loved.

There was no place inside my heart for her love, so she had to go away.

I said that we could try to be friends, but she could not understand.

She always tries to impress me and to made me love her, but I cannot love her, no.


I told her that she had to go away from me.

It is hard sometimes to say it honestly.

I am so sorry for breaking her heart again,

that she'd lost her hopes she had found again.

But I had to tell her that she had to go away from me.


She was on my nerves, because she could not understand.

She always tried to be my only one, but she could not be to me.

I told her that I was fall in love with someone she doesn't know.

And she tried to figure out the reasons why I don't love her, too.


She was always around me and did not give up for loving me.

Eyes watched all around the time and I could not feel free.

She didn't have anything to say and it was getting harder day by day

to get rid of her face, so I had to told her that she had to go out of my face.




It's hard sometimes to say the truth,

but I can't find another way .

She didn't ever understand me, no.

She haven't ever understood what I meant.

She thought she was good when she's acting like me.

But she couldn't realize that I just wanted to be free.

This could never be.


-Chorus 2x-


I told her she had to go, that she had to go, she had to go away from me.

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