written by poetic-tragedy in january 2009.


I can not find a light inside my heart,

it's grey and empty and it's dark.

The hope is gone and I try to hold on,

but I don't know what I should do now.


Do you see my lost stare? Do you feel the pain I feel?

I can't stop to cry, the tears are falling deep inside.

It's feeling like the coldest winter I ever felt.

I need someone to hold me and to make me warm.


But all that I feel is that it's getting colder, it's getting colder now.

The night is dark, hopeless, it's how my heart is feeling, too.

I refused to believe it, but I can not forget it, because I feel the pain.

It's getting colder, colder around you, colder to sit next to you,

colder to feel you, colder to heal you, colder to be with you.

I can't stand it any longer, it's getting colder.


I'm looking like a maniac, because you hurt me.

I probably should not say this but I try to believe,

I think it is over, before it starts, we're too late.

I've been waiting for you since more than two years.


Do you see my lost stare? My lost mind? do you feel the pain inside?

I can not try to forget you, because just wanna forget the pain I feel.

It's feeling like the coldest winter I ever felt, but it's june now.

I need someone to hold me, protect me and make me feel warm.




All that I feel is that it starts to be over,

I can not turn around to see you again,

I'm feeling that it's getting colder, colder as ice,

You're making me feel colder, colder as ice.




It's getting colder, It's getting colder, it's over, I know it's colder than before.

It's getting colder, darker, colder as ice, It's getting colder and you will hurt me deep inside.


17.1.09 15:00

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