Forgotten Love.



written by poetic-tragedy in summer 2008.


I never saw a reason to be in another time and place.

I never found a star that made a wish, everything's going wrong right now.

I never felt this way before, never felt the pain inside of me.

I never tried to save my heart, but I have to do it right now. oh.


Because you can break me, hate me, love me.

If you want you can destroy me and make me be sad. Oh Oh.


Am I your forgotten love?

You know that I'm your only one.

Don't try to forget my smile.

Because it's deep inside your heart.

Don't try to runaway

when life gets bad, it could be the start from here.

Am I your forgotten love?

I'm sure you think of me sometimes.

If you try to break my heart,

I will be desperate and break your life.

Don't try to forget my face,

because it's senseless to forget, yeah.


I never found a way to be away from here, but you found a way.

I never tried to break your heart, but you destroyed my smile. you did.

I never cried because I hadn't a reason to cry alone this time.

I never tried to forget a smile, because 'til you I never tried to forget anything. 'til you.


Because you can hurt me, love me, make me cry.

If you want you can destroy me and make me wanna die. oh oh.




I'm tired of the games you play, tired of the silence you left.

There's a sad goodbye to you, I try to forget you, but you do

Make me love you and I can't do, I can not let you go, because I love you.

You left without me, found a place to be away from here,

Everytime you find new ways to hurt me, but do you understand

I am your only reason to smile? that I'm your only one?

But you don't realize, don't understand anything, because you're wrong


-Chorus 2x-


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