Better To Let Go.



written by poetic-tragedy in january 2009. 


Is it enough to think that I am better off without you?

But I'm surely know, you're that what I'm looking for.

I would do everything and change my life just for you.

But you don't realize my signs for loving you.

I never felt so happy and so bad at the same time.

It destroys me to know that you are feeling so bad now.

I don't wanna lie to you any longer, but what's to do?

Because I could never talk to you to say the truth.


It's been the same and the story's getting old.

Nothing hurts like I see a smile in your face.

I wait for a break in the silence, cause it's all that you left.

I remember until I start to cry, I can't forget the way you smile.

And it did not take long for me to lose the trust in love.

I understood it's better to let go, let the credits start to roll.


I feel a deep connection when you look into my eyes.

But then I think that it will never be like I am looking for.

The life's bringing me pain, what should I do now?

I thought that I am unbreakable, but then I understood.

All the nights I lay awake and cry bloody tears.

'Cause I can't stand it any longer, it's unbearable.

The pain is scratching at my heart which is breaking again.

I don't feel the hope, just the pain telling me I have to let go.




And all the pain inside my heart I thought I know.

Everything I do leads me back to you again.

There's a lot to say, but not today, because I can't say.

Singing the most sadest songs to get rid of my pain.

I remember what it feels like to know the love,

because you took this feeling away, took my breathe away.

I have a heart that will never beg to beat again,

because of you, because you killed me, too.

And through all the tears in my eyes I sing along,

just the words of my favourite song.




The memories are coming from the past to hurt me.

These memories are coming back to life, to kill me.

I remember the time I looked into your eyes,

I remember until I cry all these bloody tears again.

But then I understand that I am wasting my time.

I am wasting my time, it's better to let go.

17.1.09 14:47

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